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Monday, August 30, 2010

Journal #2" "Invading New Markets"

Respond to “Invading New Markets.” Describe what you see in the image. Next, describe what you think the artist is trying to get across to his audience? In other words, what does it mean?


Baraka Essay

After viewing the film Baraka, use the three questions on your Baraka Introduction handout to compose a 5-paragraph essay with an original title, thesis statement, solid introduction and conclusion, and three detailed 8+ sentence body paragraphs.

Rough drafts should be emailed to me by Friday, September 3rd no later than midnight.  We will spend two days in the lab:  Wednesday, Sept. 1, and Thurs. Sept. 2.  If you think you will need more time, be sure to plan accordingly.  Please email your attached rough draft in Microsoft Word format (new version okay) to nuthenglish@hotmail.com.

Final drafts will be due Tuesday, September 14 in PAPER form.  Please do not email your final draft to me.  Thanks!

Here is the website where you can access the essay description:  http://drop.io/barakaessay