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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Aristide Article: "Globalization: A View From Below"

Link to Aristide article.

Response Questions
for “Globalization:  A View from Below” by Jean-Bertrand Aristide
1.  What do you think is the problem with profit being the only measure of human progress?
2.  Aristide argues that the poorest people of the world are only being used for ________?
3.  Describe the marketplace of Aristide’s childhood in comparison to what he calls the “faceless” global marketplace?
4.  What is Aristide’s fear regarding the increase of global trade?  
5.  Explain what happened to Haiti’s rice production as a result of the flood of rice from the US?  How did it affect everyday people in Haiti?
6.  Explain in detail what happened to the Haitian Creole pig.
7.  How do you think the situation with the Haitian Creole pig affected the people of Haiti’s view of globalization?
8.  What are the two options for the people of Haiti?  Why do you think so many Haitians have immigrated to the United States (with their largest concentrations in Miami and New York City)?
9.  What is Aristide’s thesis in this article?  (What is the main point he is trying to prove to his audience?)

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