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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Peace Organizations Project

Researching Israel-Palestine Peace Organizations

For this project, you will independently, and as a group, research your assigned organization that is working for peace in Israel-Palestine.  Then, you will work as a team to create a PowerPoint presentation on your assigned organization. 
Group 1:  B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories:  http://www.btselem.org
Group 2:  Seeds of Peace:  http://www.seedsofpeace.org
Group 3:  Hand-in-Hand –Center for Jewish-Arab Education:  http://www.handinhandk12.org/
Group 4:  The Abraham Fund – Advancing Coexistence and Equality Among Jews and Arabs in Israel:  http://www.abrahamfund.org
Group 5:  Friends of the Earth Middle East:  http://www.foeme.org
Group 6:  Ta’ayush Arab Jewish Partnership:  http://www.taayush.org
Group 7:  Parents Circle-Families Forum – Bereaved Families Supporting Peace, Reconciliation, and Tolerance:  http://www.theparentscircle.com/

Presentation Criteria:
Please respond to the following questions in your presentation:
1.  Give your audience a brief overview of the organization.
2.  History of the Organization:  How did the organization begin, by whom, and why?  Give your audience an overview of the history of the organization.
3.  Purpose of the Organization:  What is the group trying to achieve?  In other words, what is their purpose?
4.  Programs/Projects:  Discuss at least two of the specific programs or projects that the group is currently working on.
5.  Your Organization in the News:  Find and summarize one news article in which your organization is featured.  One way to find a news article about your group is to do a “Google News” search.
6.  How We Can Help: Discuss one or two ways to support the organization.  Also, if there are internships and job opportunities, please mention them.
7.  Social Media:  Does the organization have a Facebook and/or Twitter Account?
8.  Works Cited:  Include a Works Cited Page at the end of your presentation in MLA format that shows us where you got your information.  You do not have to cite your images for this particular project.

Criteria for Grading:
1.  Information is complete, accurate, and as up-to-date as possible.
2.  You have addressed all of the above questions and are clearly knowledgeable about your assigned organization.
3.  You have completed and handed in a “Group Contributions” sheet.
4.   Your PowerPoint is complete, aesthetically pleasing, informative, with images and a completed Works Cited page and Title Slide.
5.  Each group member must contribute to the “Speaking” portion of the presentation.

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